How To Get YouTube Premium For Free ?

YouTube Premium offers many benefits to users who want a higher level of YouTube experience. The most useful benefit is being able to listen to your favourite YouTube video while you’re using other apps on your phone. If you want to get a premium for free, just follow the steps in this article!

A YouTube Premium membership likewise offers the capacity to pay attention to YouTube recordings behind the scenes, even while you’re utilizing other applications.

What is YouTube Premium?

It is a new service from YouTube that offers ad-free viewing of videos, offline playback, and access to YouTube Originals content. It is available for $11.99/month in the United States, and there is a free trial available for new users. You can cancel at any time.

YouTube Premium is the premium version of YouTube. It comes with many features that are not available on the free version, such as ad-free videos, offline content, background play, and downloads. It also comes with access to exclusive content and other helpful features for getting your videos out there. Learn all about this service in this article!

Why You Should Subscribe To YouTube Premium ?

It is a great way to support your favorite content creators while also getting access to exclusive benefits. Some of the reasons why you should subscribe to YouTube Premium:

1. You’ll get ad-free viewing on YouTube.

2. You’ll be able to download videos to watch offline.

3. You’ll get access to exclusive YouTube Originals content.

4. You’ll get a free Google Play Music subscription.

So why not subscribe to YouTube Premium today? It’s a great way to show your support for content creators and enjoy all of the exclusive benefits!

How To Get YouTube Premium for Free ?

Hey everyone! In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to get YouTube Premium for free. It is a great service that gives you access to exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and more. And best of all, it’s free!

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Enter your payment information, but don’t worry – you won’t be charged anything since this is a free trial.

Is a YouTube Premium Subscription Worth It ?

There are a lot of people out there who are wondering if a YouTube Premium subscription is worth it. Well, there are quite a few benefits to having a YouTube Premium subscription.

1. You’ll get ad-free viewing. This is probably the biggest benefit of YouTube Premium. No more dealing with annoying ads while you’re trying to watch your favorite videos!

2. This is great if you’re going to be somewhere where there’s no internet connection available.

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3. You’ll get access to exclusive content that you can’t watch for free on YouTube. This includes things like original shows and movies from YouTube Red Originals.

4. You’ll be supporting the creators of the videos you love by paying for their content. This helps them continue to create great content for everyone to enjoy.

So, is a YouTube Premium subscription worth it? We think so! If you value ad-free viewing and being able to download videos for offline viewing, then it’s definitelsidering.

Alternatives to Youtube Premium

There are a few ways to get it for free. One way is to sign up for a free trial of the service. Another way is to find a friend or family member who already has a subscription and ask them to add you as a family member or friend. Lastly, some people have found ways to get Youtube Premium without paying by using a VPN service.

You might be paying for a subscription to YouTube Premium and wondering if you should cancel it or not. Read on to see the four best alternatives to YouTube Premium and decide what is best for you!

YouTube Music vs YouTube Premium: Which One Is Right for You ?

YouTube Premium is a brand new service provided by the popular video-sharing site, YouTube. The service is different from YouTube Red in that it no longer features any television shows and movies, but only music videos and music-related content. As such, it is much more limited than its predecessor. We love that you can listen to your favorite artists’ songs on YouTube Premium as long as you pay $11.99 per month or $14.99 for 90 days of unlimited use ! However, if you are a frequent user of the streaming platform or just plan on using it occasionally – perhaps when you’re commuting to work – we recommend that you choose another option.

Google Play Music is the first choice of most users, as it’s free with a free trial. It also comes with a free storage space of up to 50,000 songs! This means you can upload any song and make them available offline anytime you’d like.

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That feature alone makes it one of the best music streaming services around. You can choose from its many categories and playlists, or simply allow YouTube’s algorithm to pick the songs for you by enabling “Play Next.” The only problem is that Google Play Music does not have a huge selection of artists or songs to choose from. However, it has a great radio service called “Your Mixtape,” which allows you to listen to over 160 themed stations that are created by real people. YouTube’s music streaming service also has a “YouTube Remix” feature where you can watch music videos from YouTube channels that are similar to your favorite artist or song.

One thing I love about Google Play Music is that it allows users to download their songs, which is great for all those times when you’re lacking an internet connection (or if you don’t have a data plan). Local storage is the most reliable option when it comes to listening on the road or anywhere else, but we must remember that there are still limitations with this service. You cannot save songs offline if they were not downloaded onto your device in the first place, and you cannot save more than 50,000 songs at once.

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