Difference Between Marketing and Selling

1. Selling:

Selling is the process of producing and selling things to clients. It concentrates on the needs and objectives of the seller. Since its primary purpose is to produce things first and then sell them to clients, it is just an integrated part of the process of marketing since it is more focused on sales volume than on the customer’s complete satisfaction. According to this theory, the customer completes the cycle of a trade. It is the process of converting a thing into cash. The primary objective of selling is to make sales, although it is actually more organizationally focused. Its foundation is an internal perspective. Here are some examples of selling:

·         Individual selling

·         Cold Contact

·         Door-to-Door Selling

·         Business-to-Business Marketing

2. Marketing:

Marketing is the process of identifying and satisfying people’s/customers’ needs. It focuses on the user’s demands and interests. It is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of tasks such as first recognizing the market, then customer demands, innovation to suit those needs, pricing setting, and finally delivering the item to the client. The client is viewed as the ultimate objective of company. The aim of marketing is to transform consumer wants into goods. The main objective of marketing, that is mostly concerned with the market, is customer satisfaction. Its foundation is an external perspective. Marketing examples include:

·         Product promotion on entertainment venues

·         Meeting clients at trade exhibitions

·         Search Engine Optimization

·         Newsletters

·         Cold Contact

Differences between Selling and Marketing:

The following terms can be used to understand the difference between selling and marketing.

·        Definition

Selling is the action of transferring merchandise or services for money, whereas marketing is the collection of techniques and tactics employed by companies to promote the purchasing of goods or services.

·        Perception

Selling considers the company as a method of creating goods and services, whereas marketing considers it as a way of satisfying consumers.

·        Product vs Market

Marketing first creates the market, whereas selling first defines the worth of the product or service.

·        Nature

While selling focuses more on the merchandise or service directly, marketing on the desires and requirements of the client.

·        Focus

While selling largely attends to the demands of the provider, marketing focuses on the goals of the customer.

·        Basis

Selling involves creating items or solutions and delivering them to customers, whereas marketing pertains to determining customer requirements and addressing them.

The following table also shows the difference between selling and marketing.

01.Selling is the process of creating products and distributing them to customers.Marketing refers to the method of determining and meeting customer demands.
02.The selling process revolves around the needs and goals of the seller.Marketing is centered on the needs and desires of the consumer.   
03.It sees business as the process of creating and selling products. It sees business as a means of gratifying customers. 
04.It is focused on sales volume. Profit is the primary goal, along with client happiness.
05.It starts with making the product. It starts with identifying the market. 
06.More focus is placed on the product or service. Its focus is primarily on the requirements and wishes of the consumer. 
07.Here, the seller is seen as the market’s kingpin.The customer is viewed as the market’s monarch in this instance.


Selling and marketing are essentially unlike one another because selling refers to the process of transferring a product or a service for money, whereas marketing refers to the activities and methods used by businesses to promote the acquisition or sale of an item or service.

Selling and marketing procedures are related. Without using marketing strategies, it’s sometimes extremely tough to sell an item or service in the present market.

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